+GAMES  2020.05.15 Top Games To Play During Quarantine (May 2020)

Start as a small worm and try to get bigger by eating your way through each level. Worm your way through fields of food and try to beat other players’ scores – how long can you survive?...  Read more
+GAMES  2020.03.12 Fun Online Slither Gameplay and Review

Perhaps Snake is one of the oldest mobile games. It is, in fact, one of the oldest games if we even add board games to the line-up. For, me to see a game that features the same old snake with a twist, that is something nostalgic. In this Game Seer PH Review let me introduce you to SNAKE.IO, a game published and developed by KooApps....  Read more

+GAMES  2019.11.22 Solitaire Classic Era Review: Classic Klondike Card Game

If you had ever loved this game and wanted to play it on your smartphone then Kooapps has brought this game to mobile with the name Solitaire Classic Era. You can download it from Google PlayStore without paying a single penny....  Read more
+GAMES  2019.09.13 – The Incredible Online Arcade Game You Might Need Just Now! is a competitive game where you start out as a small worm and grow bigger by outshining your competition. It’s survival of the fittest as you are going to come up against both larger snakes as well as snakes that are within your size range....  Read more

+GAMES  2019.07.01 Word Beach Adds a New Dimension to Word Puzzles

Word Beach is a fun modern game brought to you by Kooapps. This game is all about going on a journey, which will take you to brilliant islands all around the world....  Read more