+GAMES  2023.06.07 CONQuest 2023 – A Great Opportunity for Local Game Developers

Local and international game developers and content creators came to the most awaited CONQuest 2023 at SMX Convention at Pasay City, Manila from June 2,3 and 4, 2023....  Read more

+GAMES  2023.05.22 Apple Arcade launches 20 new games, including new originals

Apple has made another big push for its Apple Arcade game subscription service, launching 20 new games for the service in early May 2023....  Read more

+GAMES  2023.05.08 Apple Arcade adds a long list of 20 new games is a famous mobile arcade game where players start as small snakes and gradually keep growing themselves by consuming the food spread around them....  Read more
+GAMES  2023.05.05 Launches on Apple Arcade!

After over 200 million downloads, Kooapps launches on Apple’s premium game subscription service: Apple Arcade....  Read more

+GAMES  2023.05.04 Apple Adds 20 Games To Apple Arcade

Apple has announced a major update to the Apple Arcade catalog with 20 new games across a wide range of genres....  Read more

+GAMES  2023.05.04 Apple Arcade adds 20 new games, including exclusive TMNT title and What The Car?

Players can also enjoy a 4K version of Temple Run, an ad-free version of, and Farming Simulator 20....  Read more

+GAMES  2023.05.04 Best word games on mobile 2023

Pictoword is built around a simple premise: you have to guess a word and are given two pictures which give you a clue as to what that word might be. A...  Read more

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+GAMES  2022.09.23 Stacky Bird launches on CrazyGames

Kooapps' hit game Stacky Bird is now available to be played on CrazyGames...  Read more

+GAMES  2022.09.15 5 Most downloaded Pinoy-made mobile games

Nokia’s classic Snake game has inspired numerous mobile games. KooApps’ is one of its most popular modern versions, reaching over 100 million downloads on Google Play. is also available on the App Store....  Read more

+GAMES  2022.09.02 Hyper-casual games market review for August 2022

Another snake game in this top., from the studio Kooapps Games, combines the classic game mechanics of such games and updated visuals....  Read more

+GAMES  2022.09.01 Top 10 best snake games Download

Friends, the name comes first in the list of best snake games, Snake.Io Game which is a very fun snake game, it is a multiplayer snake game, in this game you score with the help of your snake....  Read more

+GAMES  2022.08.16 About Kooapps Philippines Corp.

Kooapps Philippines Corp is one of the fastest growing mobile gaming studios in the Philippines. Our portfolio has garnered over 200 million downloads across notable titles such as, Stacky Bird, and Pictoword....  Read more

+GAMES  2022.08.16 How Twingate helps Kooapps to create mobile games enjoyed by millions

Kooapps uses Twingate to provide a better, more productive online experience for its global workforce, to simplify the administration of its remote access infrastructure, and to benefit from a modern, more secure Zero Trust architecture....  Read more

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Tenjin’s latest case study shows the journey of Kooapps, a mobile gaming studio and publisher, and how they have scaled from an indie maker to a major publisher alongside Tenjin....  Read more


Ang Stacky Bird: Fun Egg Dash Game ay ginawa ng mga developer ng Kooapps Games | Fun Arcade at Casual Action Games....  Read more

+GAMES  2022.07.21 Playtesting helped Kooapps increase daily active users by more than 10%

Kooapps is a premier gaming studio and publisher with over 250M downloads across their portfolio, including casual games such as Stacky Bird, Pictoword, and  Read more

+GAMES  2022.07.20 Pictoword Tips to Help You Master Every Level

Pictoword shares a lot of similarities with other word association games like 4 Pics 1 Word. Players study multiple images and discover the hidden word that connects those images....  Read more